What you need to know

Injury and illness aren’t fun topics to ponder, but you’ll be grateful you gave them some thought when misfortune strikes. When you’re ill or injured and unable to work, your disability benefit provides partial income replacement while you get back on your feet.

Plan highlights

A scheduled surgery, unplanned illness or an injury could keep you off the job and without income for an extended period of time. If you become disabled, Splunk provides you with short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) to protect part of your income.

If you qualify for STD, Splunk will pay the following benefits:

  • Week 1: Use your accumulated sick time or vacation time.
  • Weeks 2–4: Splunk pays 100% of your base salary.
  • Weeks 5–17: Splunk pays 66.67% of your base salary.

If you qualify for LTD, Canada Life will pay 66.67% of your salary, up to CAD 25,000 per month. Your annual salary includes your base salary plus regular bonuses paid in the last calendar year. Commission earnings are based on the average commissions received over the last 24 months. A few highlights of the LTD plan:

  • Waiting period of 119 days after disability, up to age 65, retirement or death
  • “Total disability” refers to being unable to perform your occupation for the first 24 months or any occupation after 24 months
  • Non-evidence maximum of CAD 10,400 per month and evidence maximum of CAD 25,000 per month

Leaves of absence are managed by The Larkin Company, and STD claims are reviewed by Canada Life. To learn more or to request an STD leave, email The Larkin Company.