What you need to know

A wise woman once said (and we paraphrase here), “If we took a holiday…it would be so nice.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why Splunk offers paid holidays. So you can take some time to celebrate with friends and family and make lasting memories. Everybody, spread the word!

Holiday schedules

Holiday? More like holi-YAY! Outside of your vacation or PTO, use the holidays to relax, recharge and re-energize with family and friends. All Splunk employees are also eligible for global rest days.

2023 Canada Holidays StateDate
New Year's (Observed)ALLMonday, 2 January
Family DayAB, BC, NB, ON, SKMonday, 20 February
Islander DayPEMonday, 20 February
Louis Riel DayMBMonday, 20 February
Nova Scotia Heritage DayNSMonday, 20 February
St. Patrick's DayNLFriday, 17 March
Good FridayALLFriday, 7 April
Easter MondayALL except NLMonday, 10 April
St. George’s Day (Observed)NLMonday, 24 April
National Patriot’s DayQCMonday, 22 May
Victoria DayALL except QCMonday, 22 May
National Aboriginal DayNTWednesday, 21 June
Discovery Day (Observed)YTFriday, 23 June
Fête Nationale (Observed)QCFriday, 23 June
Canada Day (Observed)ALLFriday, 30 June
Nunavut Day (Observed)NTMonday, 10 July
Orangeman's DayNLMonday, 10 July
Civic HolidayAB, BC, MN, NB, NS, NU, ON, PE, QC, SKMonday, 7 August
Discovery DayYTMonday, 21 August
Labor DayALLMonday, 4 September
Thanksgiving DayALLMonday, 9 October
Remembrance Day (Observed)ALLFriday, 10 November
Winter BreakALLFriday, 22 December
Christmas DayALLMonday, 25 December
Boxing Day / Winter BreakALLTuesday, 26 December
Winter BreakALLWednesday, 27 December
Winter BreakALLThursday, 28 December
Winter BreakALLFriday, 29 December

For purposes of this policy, a “day” of holiday pay is equivalent to the employee’s normal daily rate of pay, based on their regular schedule.