What you need to know

There’s a nearly 100% chance you’ll need to seek medical care at some point in your life. A chronic health condition. An ingrown toenail. All reasons to see a doctor, and all reasons to have medical insurance coverage you can count on.

Canada Life medical plan

Here are some of the highlights of the medical plan provided by Canada Life:

  • No deductible or annual or lifetime coverage maximum
  • Hospital room and board: semi-private room covered at 100% 
  • Prescription drugs: covered at 100%, up to least cost alternative
  • Home nursing care: covered at 100%, up to CAD 10,000 for a maximum of 12 months per condition
  • Physiotherapists: covered at 100%, up to CAD 500 per policy year
  • Psychologists or social workers: covered at 100%, up to CAD 1,000 per policy year
  • Paramedical practitioners: covered at 100%, up to CAD 500 per year per practitioner (chiropractor, speech therapist, osteopath, massage therapist, etc.)
  • Other expenses such as ambulance services, medical equipment or supplies, laboratory analysis, orthopaedic shoes and orthotics covered at 100%

Medical claims

Access GroupNet for Plan Members to obtain a personalized claim form. You can also see your claim history and get notified when your claim has been processed.

Prescription claims

You’ll be provided with a prescription drug identification card, which you should present to the pharmacist with your prescription.