What you need to know

Sure, Murphy’s Law isn’t officially a law. But it comes into play more often than we’d like. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. Life insurance can help protect you financially for whatever life throws your way.

Plan highlights

Our life insurance and AD&D insurance policies offer coverage of 2 times your annual earnings, with a maximum benefit of CAD 800,000 (non-evidence limit) or CAD 1,500,000 (evidence limit). Your annual earnings include your base salary plus regular bonuses paid in the last calendar year. Commission earnings are based on the average commissions received over the last 24 months.

Our life insurance coverage includes dependents: CAD 10,000 for your spouse and CAD 5,000 for each child.

To ensure that you receive the maximum benefit available, please complete and return the Evidence of Insurability form to Owen & Associates. Completed forms will be submitted and reviewed by Canada Life. 

If Canada Life declines your request for additional coverage or you do not complete and return the form, your benefits will be capped at the free coverage limit listed above.