What you need to know

Who’s lucky enough to participate in Splunk’s stellar selection of benefits? You are, as long as you’re a regular employee working 25 hours or more per week.

Effective dates

You are eligible for Splunk benefits as of your date of hire.

The life insurance, long-term disability, medical, dental and vision benefits take effect retroactively on your date of hire, if you complete your enrolment within 30 days.

Your participation in the Registered Retirement Savings Plan will begin the month following your date of hire.

Dependant eligibility

You may also enrol these eligible dependants for coverage:

  • Your legal or common-law spouse
  • Dependent child(ren) up to age 21 (age 25 if they’re full-time students)
  • Children who are incapable of supporting themselves, covered without age limit
  • If you are a Quebec resident, full-time students until age 26, covered for prescription drugs

Please refer to the Benefits Booklet (EN / FR) for additional details on the plans, including exclusions, limitations and eligibility.