What you need to know

Starting a family is a huge undertaking. And then there’s the whole raising-a-family part. The process can often take a village—and a lot of support. That’s where Carrot’s family-forming benefits can come in handy.

How it works

You can access these fertility and family-forming services through Carrot, an inclusive fertility and family-forming benefits programme designed to support every unique parenthood journey:

  • Personalized fertility care for men and women and their partner or spouse
  • Assessments, ultrasounds, blood work and other simple tests
  • Access to partner clinics and top experts
  • Assistance with egg freezing, IVF and other complex care options 
  • Streamlined pharmacy ordering
  • Assistance with surrogacy or adoption 
  • Combined lifetime maximum for all covered services: equivalent of USD 40,000

To learn more, check out the Carrot plan details.