What you need to know

Managing your finances can seem overwhelming. It’s no wonder that many of us avoid thinking about saving for our future—or even saving for anything. But why stay in the dark when there are professional financial planners available to you who can shed some serious light on nearly all your money questions? Oh, and did we mention that it won’t cost you a thing?


With Origin’s cutting-edge technology and unlimited one-on-one access to Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP) professionals, you can start setting some serious financial goals and get support with your every money move. Origin can help you make the most of your Splunk compensation and benefits, create and reach your savings goals, and conquer your financial future with confidence. And it’s 100% free, secure and confidential.

With the Origin benefit, both you and your spouse or domestic partner can:

  • Manage as much of or all the details of your financial life
  • Connect with the right financial professional for your unique needs
  • Better understand your compensation, benefits and equity
  • Get answers to your tax questions
  • Save for your dream vacation, home purchase, college education or retirement
  • Take steps to pay down your debt and hit your savings goals
  • Optimize the retirement benefits you already have access to

Here are just some of the areas in which Origin’s financial planners can support you:

  • Financial planning, including budgeting, debt management, life-event planning and goal setting
  • Insurance and risk management, including renters or home, life and disability insurance
  • Investment advice, including portfolio guidance, equity compensation planning, investing tax strategy and risk assessment
  • Retirement and estate planning, including 401(k), pension, life insurance, and will and trust guidance

Note: Origin does not sell financial products. Their goal is to help Splunkers with their financial wellbeing.

Financial planning, made just for you

Whatever your life stage and priorities, Origin can help you connect with the right resource for your unique needs and help you answer key questions like:

  • How much can I afford to spend on a car while paying down my student loans?
  • How much can I spend on a house if I also want to have kids?
  • How much should I be saving for retirement?
  • How do I maximize my savings and take advantage of all the benefits Splunk offers?
  • How do I pay for legal services to help with family matters, like starting a family through adoption or caring for my aging parents?
  • How do I establish an emergency savings fund for my disabled dependent?

Not ready to meet with a planner?

More of a DIY-er or not ready to meet with a planner? Origin has the tools you need to create a budget, manage your investments, manage your equity compensation and more—right within the private and secure Origin platform. You can also take advantage of deep financial education resources, including a complete library of financial wellness content, offered through the Origin platform or via Origin’s self-service education platform, Prosper/Us.

Origin hosts periodic financial wellness sessions focused on timely topics aligned with seasonal trends and market events.

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