What you need to know

Splunk’s got your back, even when you’re far from home. Access to round-the-clock emergency medical care and a cash benefit for lost or stolen property are just a few of the ways we support you when you’re traveling for Splunk.

Business travel accident insurance

Accidents happen, even when you’re traveling for business. You’re covered if you become ill, die or are dismembered while traveling for Splunk. The plan also provides:

  • Travel assistance services
  • 24-hour worldwide business travel protection for you (and your family when traveling on Splunk’s dime)
  • A benefit for lost or stolen personal items
  • Emergency medical evacuation

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Global business travel and accident insurance

Getting sick or injured when you’re at home is bad enough. When you’re far from home and your regular healthcare support system, it can be hard to know where to turn for help.

Fortunately, with Splunk’s global business travel and accident plan, you have access to medical treatment if you’re in an accident, have a medical emergency or get sick while traveling internationally on an approved business trip.

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