What you need to know

The world needs more nerds. From paying for classes that keep you going strong to helping you finance college for your kids, our education programs support that philosophy. 

Student loan and other financial assistance

SoFi can make a molehill out of the mountain of student loan debt that’s keeping you up at night. To save money on student loans, see how SoFi can help you refinance

For help with saving, home purchases, investments and more, visit the SoFi website or email SoFi.

College savings 529 plan

Some things get cheaper over time. Education, not. If you haven’t started that 529 college fund for your kids, time to get moving. ScholarShare 529 helps make the most of college savings, with tax benefits that could be worth thousands. 

To set up an account, visit ScholarShare 529 or call 510-907-2601.

Education reimbursement

You’re a smarty, and you want to stay that way. Splunk wants you to, too! That’s why we encourage you to attend job-related courses—and reimburse you when you do. 

In fact, we’ll pay up to $5,250 every year for courses taken at an accredited university, college or institution. Review the education reimbursement policy for program details, requirements and the request form. You may also be eligible for reimbursement for some classes through Pwny Perks.