What you need to know

Here’s a reason to show off those pearly whites: If you ever have teeth trouble, you can rely on Bupa to help with the costs. 

Dental policy

The dental policy through Bupa assists with the cost of private or NHS dental treatment.

The policy is a nil excess policy and covers reimbursement of costs incurred up to set levels for dental treatment received at either a private or NHS dental practice.

Before obtaining treatment, reach out to Bupa at 0800 237 777 to ensure the treatment will be covered, particularly if:

  • You think the treatment will cost more than GBP 500.
  • You think you may need treatment for oral cancer.
  • You are unsure of your cover amount or cover details.

If you are treated in a Bupa dental care centre, you will normally be able to settle your bill directly. Bring your membership number to your visit. If you are treated in any other dental centre, you will need to pay directly for your treatment and make a claim.

Additional detail and policy information may be found in the Bupa Dental Membership Guide.