What you need to know

If anything can go wrong, there’s a good chance it will. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. Group life insurance can help protect you financially for whatever life lobs at you. You’re automatically enrolled for basic cover at no cost to you. 

Plan highlights

Group life insurance provides cover of 4 times your annual base salary, with a free cover limit of GBP 1,500,000. If 4 times your basic salary is above this amount, you will be required to complete a health declaration and connect with a member of our local benefits broker team. Cover ceases at your state pension age.

Please provide the names of your beneficiaries by completing a Benefits Nomination Form and submitting it to Churchills at adele@churchillsconsulting.com, our local benefit broker.

Additional support services through WeCare are available through this plan, including a bereavement and probate support and second medical opinion.