What you need to know

You may need time away to take care of yourself or a loved one; our leave of absence programmes have your back.

Maternity leave

You are entitled to up to 52 weeks of maternity leave, which is divided into two types of leave:

  • Ordinary maternity leave—the first 26 weeks 
  • Additional maternity leave—additional 26 weeks immediately following ordinary leave

Please give as much notice as possible of your intention to take maternity leave. No later than the end of your qualifying week (the 15th week before your expected week of childbirth), please provide this information in writing: 

  • The fact that you are pregnant
  • The week the baby is expected to be born
  • When you want to start your maternity leave

You must also provide a certification from a doctor or midwife (usually on a MAT B1 form) confirming your expected week of childbirth. 

Statutory maternity pay is payable for up to 39 weeks. There are two rates of pay: 

  • The higher rate, paid the first six weeks of your maternity leave, is 90% of your average weekly earnings. 
  • The lower rate, paid the remaining 33 weeks, is a prescribed rate set by the government for the relevant tax year.

Learn more by reviewing the maternity leave policy.