What you need to know

There’s a nearly 100% chance you’ll need to seek medical care at some point in your life. A chronic health condition. An ingrown toenail. A routine check-up to make sure you’re feeling good today and tomorrow. All reasons to see a doctor, and all reasons to have medical insurance cover you can count on. 

Supplemental medical policy

The supplemental medical policy through Bupa can assist with the cost of private medical treatment following referral from your GP. Benefits covered under the plan relate to acute conditions only and may include:

  • Direct access to a Bupa specialist in the case of musculoskeletal or mental health issues, cancer or cataracts
  • Outpatient treatment including:
    • Consultations 
    • Diagnostic tests
    • MRI, CT and PET scans
    • Surgical operations
  • Inpatient treatment including:
    • Consultants’ fees for surgical and medical hospital treatment
    • Surgeons and anaesthetists
    • Physicians
    • Accommodation and parent accommodation
    • Intensive care
    • Operating theatre charges
  • Cancer treatment, including diagnostic tests, advanced therapies and drugs
  • Mental health treatment, including day-patient and inpatient mental health treatments, outpatient mental health treatment, and mental health and wellbeing therapist fees
  • Home nursing following inpatient treatment
  • Repatriation and evacuation from abroad
  • Babylon digital GP services
  • Vision care—annual eye examinations, prescribed glasses and non-disposable contact lenses are covered.

Additional medical policy information may be found in the Bupa Membership Guide.