What you need to know

Whether you envision your golden years filled with world travel or home renovations, your future can be even brighter with the help of the Splunk group personal pension plan. With a little saving and planning now, you’ll be able to devote your post-work years to mastering the best activity of all: doing whatever you want!

Plan highlights

You are automatically enrolled in the Splunk group personal pension plan offered by Scottish Widows. Here’s how it works:

  • The standard contributions are 2% from your basic salary and 7% from Splunk. 
  • All personal contributions will be deducted via salary exchange and will be accompanied with 100% of the National Insurance saving made by Splunk. 
  • You can increase your contributions once a year during the annual change window in March for effect on 1 April.

How your pension is invested

Once your first contribution is made, you’ll be able to choose one of three investment options:

  • Choose to stay in Splunk’s default investment option.
  • Choose an approach from Scottish Widows Pension Investment Approaches based on your feelings about risk, how you currently intend to take your benefits and the way you want your money to be invested, and then let Scottish Widows manage your investments until your retirement.
  • Be hands-on, and select from a collection of investment funds.

Whatever investment choice you make at the start, you’re free to change your mind and switch to something else later on.

To learn more, review the Pension Overview and Key Features.

Getting advice

If you’re not sure if the Splunk group personal pension plan is suitable for you, or if you’re not confident about deciding how to invest, a financial adviser may be able to help you. You can:

  • Use your own adviser, if you have one.
  • Find a UK adviser in your local area. The website is run by the body responsible for promoting professional financial advice in the UK, so you can be sure everyone listed is fully qualified and regulated.
  • Visit the Money Advice Service website, which contains free, clear, unbiased advice to help you manage your money.