What you need to know

Let’s talk złoty. Splunk pays the full cost of many of your benefits.

Who pays

Splunk pays 100% of the premiums for your life insurance, medical insurance, MultiSport fitness benefit, Carrot family-forming benefit, Origin financial wellbeing programme and the Modern Health wellbeing solution. Splunk also pays 100% of the premiums for medical insurance for your eligible family members.

You can include your eligible dependants in the MultiSport programmes at your own cost.

The medical, MultiSport, and life insurance plans are paid by Splunk; however, the monthly premiums are considered taxable income, which means they’re subject to taxation (PIT) and mandatory social security contributions (ZUS).

Splunk also provides all Employee Capital Plans (PPK) pension plan participants with a contribution equal to 1,5% of their base salary.