What you need to know

It’s part of the Splunk agreement: You bring the passion and energy, and we bring the benefits to keep you healthy and happy. Ready to start participating in all the great plans and programmes we offer? Here’s what you need to do.

Enrol in your benefits.

You can log in to the Splunk BenefitsHub (via Okta) to enrol in your Splunk benefits. The medical, MultiSport and life insurance plans are all voluntary. You can enrol in these plans at any time throughout the year, although we encourage you to enrol within your first 30 days to take advantage of Splunk’s great benefits.

Coverage will be effective on the first of the month following your enrolment, as long as you meet these deadlines:

  • MultiSport: 22nd of the month
  • Medicover: 25th of the month
  • Life insurance: 25th of the month

If you join the life insurance plan more than three months after your eligibility date, you may be subject to a six-month waiting period.

Automatic enrolment

You’ll be automatically enrolled in Carrot’s family-forming benefit, business travel and accident insurance, Pwny Perks, Origin financial wellbeing programme and the Modern Health wellbeing solution on your date of hire.

After three months of service, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Employee Capital Plans (PPK) pension plan, unless you actively submit paperwork to opt out of the PPK. You can opt out of the PPK at any time by submitting a resignation form. Your resignation must be in writing and must include your wet signature. You must submit the completed form to SPOT at spot@splunk.com.