What you need to know

Whether you envision your golden years filled with world travel or home renovations, your future can be even brighter with the help of the Employee Capital Plans (PPK) pension plan. With a little saving and planning now, you’ll be able to devote your post-work years to mastering the best activity of all: doing whatever you want!

Plan highlights

When you become a Splunker, you’re automatically enrolled in the PPK pension plan, which is administered by PKO TFI. You contribute 2% of your monthly base salary, while Splunk contributes 1,5% of your monthly base salary. You can make an additional voluntary contribution of up to 2% of your monthly base salary (for a total of 4%).

The State makes a one-time “welcome” contribution of PLN 250 and an ongoing contribution of PLN 240 per year.

You can opt out of the PPK at any time by submitting a resignation form. Your resignation must be in writing and must include your wet signature. Submit the completed form to SPOT at spot@splunk.com.

Benefits of participating in the PPK

Here are just some of the advantages of setting aside money through the PPK:

  • Additional money after retiring. After the age of 60, you’ll be able to make a one-off withdrawal of 25% (without tax). You’ll receive the remainder of your funds in the form of a monthly payment for at least 10 years.
  • Access to funds. The money you’ve saved in the PPK is entirely yours, and you can withdraw it at any time. However, if you withdraw before age 60, you’ll lose the State tax benefits and extra payments. If you withdraw more than 25% of your PPK funds after the age of 60, you’ll need to pay capital gains tax. 
  • Greater savings through additional payments. You can save even more by contributing up to an additional 2% of your salary.
  • Financial help with important life events. If you’re under 45 and you need money to buy a flat or build a house, you can withdraw up to 100% of your PPK funds, as long as you pay it back within 15 years. If you, your spouse or your child experiences a serious illness and you need help paying the medical bills, you can withdraw up to 25% of your PPK funds without having to pay them back.
  • No inheritance tax. Your PPK funds are exempt from inheritance tax.

Making the most of your money

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to your financial future. And finances aren’t part of everyone’s wheelhouse. So you should have some peace of mind in knowing that your pension funds will be managed by experienced experts. You can register through the PPK website and talk to a PKO TFI professional by calling the dedicated infoline Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 19:00, at 801 323 280 or +48 22 358 56 56. But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to turn to Origin, your modern financial wellbeing resource. They can help you plan for your financial future!