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Want to feel supported and appreciated for being exactly who you are? You’re in the right place! Splunk’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and community groups provide community for underrepresented groups and allies.


Black Employees Achieve More at Splunk (BEAMS) is dedicated to Black excellence. We equip our members with the access, vision, skills and knowledge needed to flourish.

  • Uses goals and metrics to achieve material improvements to Black achievement at Splunk
  • Creates quarterly programming for the community that educates and centers the Black experience beyond workplace topics
  • Creates programming that educates and connects the community to opportunities to improve their professional skills and exposure

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Disabled=True@Splunk works to create an inclusive and accessible environment for current and future Splunkers who are disabled, suffer from chronic illness or pain, or identify as having physical or mental concerns that accessibility or disability activism can help with. 

  • Provides safe spaces for disabled Splunkers to support each other through both closed and open communities
  • Works with allies to educate abled people on issues that affect disabled folx 
  • Engages in outreach to disabled communities to attract talent 
  • Creates accessible spaces to retain and attract employees 

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Natives@Splunk includes Splunkers who identify as Native American, American Indian, Indigenous, First Nations/Peoples, sovereign tribal citizens and/or our allies for the purpose of improving and expanding Native American recruitment, representation and awareness at Splunk. Natives@Splunk strives to:

  • Increase the number of Native American full-time employees, contractors and interns at Splunk through focused recruiting and outreach to tribal communities
  • Develop awareness and support for local and national issues that affect Native Americans (e.g., National Indigenous Month, MMIW support, NMAI Smithsonian activities) at Splunk
  • Expand Splunk training and educational opportunities for tribal members through Splunk for Good
  • Promote Splunk presence within tribal communities, native organisations and native-owned business partners

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Neurodiversity@Splunk provides a voice, visibility, support and community to Splunk employees either affected by or caring for a family member or friend with a neurodivergent condition.

  • Raises awareness and educates fellow Splunkers through trainings, workshops, panels and other events with the aim of addressing and reducing unconscious bias and stigma around a diverse array of neurodivergent conditions
  • Provides a foundation of support for and connection to members who share similar experiences, attempting to reduce isolation commonly experienced as a result of neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions, while providing information and links to helpful resources
  • Provides a platform for greater community outreach and advocacy efforts, including volunteer opportunities and partnerships with mental-health charities

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Pronounced pee-lee-peen-ex, Pilipinx represents the people who are native to or identify with the Philippines as part of their ethnic and/or cultural identity. Pilipinx is our ERG’s preferred spelling of Filipino or Filipina, because the letter F did not exist in the native script of the Philippines (known as baybayin), and Pilipinx is the gender-neutral alternative to Pilipino, Pilipina or even Pilipin@.

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Pride celebrates and furthers Splunk’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and its support for our LGBTQ+ Splunkers and allies.

  • Advocates for and with LGBTQ+ Splunkers in their careers and personal growth
  • Ensures that companywide policies are inclusive of sexual and gender diversity
  • Provides educational and social opportunities to the Splunk community to learn about LGBTQ+ topics and to encourage the community to support queer Splunkers
  • Creates inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ people to gather and celebrate their diversity

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Somos promotes cultural awareness in the workplace and gives the Hispanic familia a community through which they can promote their advancement.

  • Attract more Latinxes to Splunk
  • Support Latinxes’ ongoing growth and development
  • Help embrace ethnic diversity at Splunk
  • Promote the representation of the Latinx community at Splunk

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Veterans@Splunk Veterans@Splunk is composed of former service persons and is dedicated to expanding diversity at Splunk by recognising and amplifying the advantages that veterans bring to our business and culture.

  • Attracting more veterans to roles within the company
  • Developing initiatives to retain and develop veterans at all levels
  • Bringing positive attention to the benefits of diversity at Splunk

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Womxn +

Womxn + is designed to foster, empower and grow a diverse womxn-led community. We collaborate with and elevate one another to advance gender equality and intersectional advocacy. We strive to create opportunities for conversation and community building through events, career development, industry thought leadership and allyship programmes.

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