What you need to know

There’s a nearly 100% chance you’ll need to seek medical care at some point in your life. A chronic health condition. An ingrown toenail. A routine checkup to make sure you’re feeling good today and tomorrow. All reasons to see a doctor, and all reasons to have medical insurance coverage you can count on.

Pan-American Life Gold plan

Starting on your date of hire, you and your immediate family members (spouse or partner and dependent children up to age 19) have medical coverage through the Pan-American Life Gold plan. Benefits include:

  • Deductibles:
    • Within Central America: USD 150 (maximum three per family)
    • Outside Central America: USD 1,000
  • Coinsurance—80% of usual, reasonable and customary costs (URA) subject to these limits:
    • Within Central America: USD 2,500
    • Outside Central America: USD 5,000
  • Hospitalization or room and board—80% of URA subject to these limits:
    • Within Central America: USD 450
    • Outside Central America: USD 500
  • Intensive care unit: USD 1,000
  • Annual medical checkup: 80% up to USD 100
  • Medical consultations
    • In-network: USD 15 copayment
    • Out-of-network: up to USD 90 after USD 15 copayment
  • Prescription medicine: 80% URA
  • Maternity: USD 3,500 (normal delivery and C-section)
  • Physical therapy: USD 30 per session, up to 10 sessions per year
  • Neonatal critical care: USD 25,000
  • Rehabilitation: 80% URA
  • Labs, X-rays and imaging: 80% URA
  • Preauthorized services: chemotherapy, physical therapy, allergy treatment, etc.
  • Preexisting conditions: 12-month waiting period
  • Ambulance: USD 100
  • Air ambulance:
    • Within Central America: USD 10,000
    • Outside Central America: USD 15,000 

For more information, view the Benefits Presentation or watch the Benefits Webinar.