What you need to know

Every once in a while, you experience big life changes—like you get married or add a child to your family—and when that happens, your benefits need to change as well. That’s why we give you the option of changing your benefits elections when you experience a qualified life event.

What is a qualified life event?

Some examples of qualified life events include:

  • You have a baby or adopt, or there’s a change in legal custody of a child.
  • You get married or divorced, or there’s a change in your domestic partner relationship.
  • Your spouse or dependent dies.
  • Your child dependent turns age 25 or is no longer in full-time education.
  • You no longer have any children eligible for dependent coverage.

Some changes will require documentation to support the life event you experience. Changes to your healthcare and voluntary benefits take effect on the date of your life event.

How to make changes

To make changes to your benefits, please contact Confía. You will need to complete the PALIG change form and Consent form (for adult dependents).

Leaving Splunk

We know you don’t even want to think about it, but there may come a time when you leave Splunk. Keep in mind that your benefits will terminate upon separation from Splunk.